Tim Rodriquez is a talented Philadelphia area-based Personal Trainer who’s client list includes successful business owners, celebrities, athletes, and everyday individuals. He is known for his innovative training skillset and deep commitment to creating, testing, and implementing innovative fitness methods for his clients. Before opening the PPF.fitness concierge fitness studio, Tim was the Director of personal training for Retro Fitness.

With over 22 years of experience in the fitness industry, Tim’s enthusiastic approach, limitless energy, a vast trove of knowledge, and at times sarcastically encouraging sense of humor only add to the successful experience his clients enjoy during each workout session.

With a list of clients as diverse as his effective training methods, Tim preaches strength training routines that can be transferred from the gym to everyday life, from Bootcamp training to championship sports. He has worked with athletes from a wide variety of disciplines as well as clients with various special needs requirements. Many of those who have sought Tim’s guidance to either lose weight or get back in shape have stayed on to become year-round clients, making Training with Tim a foundational piece of their fitness regimen.

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Early Years

Early Years Spacer

Tim started working out in the gym as a 7th grader in Middle School. He was 14 years old. His father hired a personal trainer to teach him the basics. At the time, his father was an aspiring bodybuilder and didn’t have time to train Tim.
“So, my Dad hired me a personal trainer, and I thought it was the coolest job in the freaking world…”
“My mom told me I had to join a sport at that time.” “So, I picked the wrestling team; obviously, you need a lot of muscle to be on the wrestling team.”
“That’s when I started working out consistently.”
Tim wrestled during middle and High School, only missing a time during 9th grade when he took some time off.
But he never stopped lifting weights since he started at 14 years old.

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Personal Training Beginnings

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After High School, Tim launched his Personal Training career in earnest.
“I started getting jobs and soon after, I left my dad’s gym membership and moved on to LA Fitness.” “While working out at LA Fitness, somebody recruited me to be the assistant Manager at the Huntington Valley LA Fitness location.”
“When I got into personal training, I put everything my original trainer taught me into practice.”
“Basically, I was literally going around fixing people’s bodies.”
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Retro Fitness Years

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After working at several notable fitness centers and gyms, Tim was recruited to be the Director of Personal Training for Retro Fitness.

Tim spent several great years interacting with and training many fantastic clients until the location that he was last stationed at was closed unexpectedly by ownership. 

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The Underground Retro

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After the demise of the Retro Fitness location in Levittown, Tim constructed a makeshift gym near his home to train his dedicated clients until he was able to make arrangements for his next endeavor in the fitness industry.

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Early Years
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The PPF Fitness studio

PPF Fitness Main

After much trial and effort, Tim was able to work out an arrangement for the rental of the space that was to become the all-new and state-of-the-art PPF Fitness or Peak Physique Fitness based in Bensalem Pa.

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Outside the PPF Studio
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