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Tim Rodriquez is a talented Philadelphia area-based Personal Trainer who’s client list includes successful business owners, celebrities, athletes, and everyday individuals. He is known for his innovative training skillset and deep commitment to creating, testing, and implementing innovative fitness methods for his clients. Before opening the PPF.fitness concierge fitness studio, Tim was the Director of personal training for Reto Fitness.

With over 22 years of experience in the fitness industry, Tim’s enthusiastic approach, limitless energy, a vast trove of knowledge, and at times sarcastically encouraging sense of humor only add to the successful experience his clients enjoy during each workout session.

With a list of clients as diverse as his effective training methods, Tim preaches strength training routines that can be transferred from the gym to everyday life, from Bootcamp training to championship sports. He has worked with athletes from a wide variety of disciplines as well as clients with various special needs requirements. Many of those who have sought Tim’s guidance to either lose weight or get back in shape have stayed on to become year-round clients, making him a foundational piece of their fitness regimen.

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The PPF Studio

As an extension of his brand, Peak Psyque Fitness, Tim has created a one-of-a-kind gym/studio that combines his training philosophy, traditions, and latest fitness technology into a high-end gym space. Let Tim help you build your dream body.

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